Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What up knitter?

I guess winter isn't ALL bad! Some of you will have seen the latest super warm and fuzzy knitted street art/graffiti gracing lamp posts, signs and various other built objects around your respective cities. This latest craze, Yarn bombing or Guerrilla knitting as it's commonly called, seems to be mostly about reclaiming and personalising sterile or cold public places, and what a fine job they do.

We recently came across the work of Carol Hummel, who has done some amazing work with not only the built environment but natural object too.  Her work, Tree Cosy is one of the loveliest knitted works we've seen, and we are positive this lucky little tree is the envy of all the surrounding plants this winter.

Naturally our recent interest in Guerrilla knitting sparked some research into knitted accessories and bingo, we discovered the NY based designer Elizabeth Yarborough who creates lovely knitted bangles to keep your wrists cosy this winter.

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