Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mr Buttcrack

Mr Buttcrack! what more is there to say......He is sitting very happily on my bedroom dresser, but before that he was living with Sandra Juto a Swedish based freelance illustrator and graphic designer. Mr Buttcrack is one of Sandra Juto's many creations which can be bought, amongst other things, from her shop. Be sure to check out her beautiful flickr stream as well. x mel

Introducing..Fifi Flamingo

I was the very lucky recipient of "Fifi Flamingo" made especially for me by the very talented Donna Wilson for my birthday this year (thanks Ricky). Donna Wilson's other curious creatures and odd objects can be found on her website. I've now got my eye on "Rill the Raccoon". x mel

Thursday, August 19, 2010


We had a great time at the Young Blood: Designers Markets over the weekend. It was our first market and we were very excited to be hustling our wears amongst such talent.

In keeping with our library theme we made these bookmarks especially for the weekend. "I'm a fast reader, and therefore superior in every way" bookmark, was the clear winner.

Something Sweet...

It's that time of the day when your mind is getting a little sluggish and something sweet would do just the trick. We came across this lovely site Ming Makes Cupcakes. You could probably lick cupcake 25 right off the screen (make sure you've had all your shots if you are using a shared computer).

We also love this little hand-stamped silver dessert fork and cake slide by SycamoreHill.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Our dearest friend Debbie, just returned from a wee excursion to the current mecca of all things cool, New York and returned with this adorable little purchased from the Brooklyn Flea Markets. After a bit of google/etsy ferreting, it seems there are a few people offering a similar product albeit without the market/NY experience. One of the nicest we found was by Ms Thomson. It has an adjustable silver band and can be purchased in the letter of your choice.  A splendid preset idea we say.

My Precious

I bought this SUPER LOVELY headband at the Young Blood designer markets from a very talented designer and maker who designs under the label South for the Summer. This piece is called the crown and rightly so.  It's made of delicate, brightly coloured an very strokeable feathers. I declare it the loveliest head piece in all of the land. [Sigh]


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Recycled Lovliness!

We spent the weekend at the Young Blood designer market pedalling our wears amongst some very talented stall holders. We were positioned near this amazing little operation called hideyo. They are a Tasmanian duo who make these lovely little Japanese paper creations out of recycled and eco-friendly materials. Being a little book obsessed, we were particularly taken with these hanging wonders.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Young Blood: Design Markets

Come and see us this weekend at the Young blood: Designers Market, hosted by the Sydney Powerhouse Museum. The markets run from the 13th -15th of August. We hope to see you all there.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Call to arms

These awesome little Bookguns are by Robert The. The Books are collected from dumpsters and thrift store bins and lovingly vandalised back to life so they can "assert themselves against the culture which turned them into debris".

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What up knitter?

I guess winter isn't ALL bad! Some of you will have seen the latest super warm and fuzzy knitted street art/graffiti gracing lamp posts, signs and various other built objects around your respective cities. This latest craze, Yarn bombing or Guerrilla knitting as it's commonly called, seems to be mostly about reclaiming and personalising sterile or cold public places, and what a fine job they do.

We recently came across the work of Carol Hummel, who has done some amazing work with not only the built environment but natural object too.  Her work, Tree Cosy is one of the loveliest knitted works we've seen, and we are positive this lucky little tree is the envy of all the surrounding plants this winter.

Naturally our recent interest in Guerrilla knitting sparked some research into knitted accessories and bingo, we discovered the NY based designer Elizabeth Yarborough who creates lovely knitted bangles to keep your wrists cosy this winter.