Tuesday, July 27, 2010


My brother recently proposed to his lady with a super cute scrap-book, detailing the history of their relationship. Naturally he won the heart of not only his now fiance, Emma but romantics everywhere and has been receiving great praise for his efforts. Nice one little brother [inset pat on back].

I recently came across another romantic gentleman who made and proposed with a nifty little ring he calls the 'Talking Ring'. It has etched grooves on the outside, that when put onto a miniature record player contains a 20 second recorded message of the maker, Luke Jerram's proposal to his wife. Neat!

This clever fellow is also responsible for the 'Projector Ring', (my personal favourite) and yet another gift for his insanely lucky wife. In a darken room a candle or LED light can be passed through the ring to project a series of portraits. As the family grows, photo's of children etc can be added to the ring.

Who said romance was dead, eh?

x Vanessa
(There you go Mel, I've finally contributed to the blog like I promised and you're right, it really wasn't so hard)

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